Family web sites and Old Photos

If you have questions about the site, or want your web site or blog to be listed here, or submit photos (digital imges in .jpg format preferred), please contact Chug:

Blogs and web sites of family members

Send your company, blog or other web site names and addresses to Chug:

Steve Englert (Anne Whelan Englert)

Rob Goethals

Bob Markel (Melissa Roberts Markel)

Jo Malone

Pat (Whelan) McDonnell

Doug Nett (Kathleen Malone Nett)

Chug Roberts

Darren Smith

Rob Tinker

Ryan Tinker

Gabe Whelan

Send your favorite family photos

Although the DVDs and videos from JJJJ 2007 are finished, we still want to add your family photos to the JJJJ web site – please send those to Chug:

The JJJJ 2007 DVD set included 8 disks: 5 DVDs with video; 1 DVD with a 53 minute photo slide show (all of the DVDs play in all computer DVD players and in most standard DVD players hooked up to a TV); and 2 CDs with more than 800 photographs (in .jpg format that you can use to make prints, edit with a photo editor, etc.) and an updated Family Directory in Adobe pdf format.

The JJJJ 2007 DVD set is sold out, but you can make copies for your personal use. No commercial use allowed.

Family Photos and History

If you have old photos and newspaper clippings (marriage announcements, obituaries, etc.) you’re willing to share, including old Christmas card photos or photos from previous family get togethers or JJJJs, please email digital images to Chug:

You can mail print photos and newspaper clippings to him and he’ll scan and return them: Chug Roberts, TheCapitol.Net, PO Box 25706, Alexandria, VA 22313-5706. We’re especially interested in family photos that include JoJo and Papa.

Digital images in .jpg format preferred.

Chug would also like to get any copies of CDs or DVDs containing your family photos or home movies, so please make an extra copy and send those to him.

Send your old photos and slides to ScanCafe, which charges 24 cents per image for 1200 dpi, a much higher resolution than that offered by ShoeboxReprints. Also, ScanCafe allows you to select, online, the images you want before finalizing your order, so you pay only for the images you want.
Both ScanCafe and ShoeboxReprints put your scanned images on a DVD or CD – this is a fantastic way to get old photos out of the basement or the attic and share them with your siblings and family.

Chug recomemnds ScanCafe for higher quality and the ability to select the pictures you want online before finalizing your order.
If you use either service, please send Chug a copy of the disk.

Family Tree on

    For details about the family tree on, see this post. Let us know if you need an emailed invitation to access this free service. Thank you to Jon Luciano and Ryan Tinker for initiating this.

How to Use this Web Site

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