Scavenger Hunt Judging

Please send Chug your 5 – 10 favorite photos from the JJJJ 2007. Digital images in jpg format preferred.
The Scavenger Hunt results:

  • 1st Place: Team 7 with 234 points: Yiming Meghan R, Evan T, Ryan T, Joe T, Robbie T, Caitlin R, Martin M, Bobbie Y
  • 2nd Place: Team 2 with 232 points: Harry W, Mary O’N, Robert W, Sally W, Lauren O’N
  • 3rd Place: Team 5 with 230 points: Kevin M, Terry M, Daniel M, xxx
  • Honorable Mention: Team Sisters G: Sally, Molly and Joseph S; Carrie, Patrick and Sarah F

Tallying the points ….

TUMBLEWEED?!?! You call that a tumbleweed!? Why, when I was a kid…..

One of the judges was glad when it was over….

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