Scavenger Hunt

Please email to Chug all of your team’s images from the scavenger hunt. Yes, all of them…. And please include the name of your team.

1. Take a picture of the entire Team with a bald-headed man with a beard. (5 Points)
2. Take a picture of the entire Team minus the photographer, in front of a residence with the address numbers of 123. (7 Points)
3. A picture of a Teammate with a Police Officer (8 Points) Picture of a Teammate being handcuffed by the Police Officer. (12 Points)
4. Produce a paper airplane. (5 Points)
5. Take-out menu from a 3 different Chinese restaurants in the area. (7 Points)
6. A bar of soap from Days Inn. (5 Points)
7. A Taco Bell Border Sauce packet that reads “I collect straws”. (8 Points)
8. A plastic knife, fork and spoon. (5 Points)
9. A piece of artificial turf. (10 Points)
10. 3 Employees from Wal-Mart doing the “Charlie’s Angels” pose. (20 Points)
11. List all syrup flavors on the tables at IHOP. (7 Points)
12. Slice a banana before peeling it without destroying the peel or banana. (20 Points)
13. Picture of Teammate holding a sign on the street saying “Will You Marry Me?” (8 Points)
14. Take a picture of the entire team wearing Burger King crowns with a Burger King employee. (7 Points). If one of the Team has the drive-thru headset on – 8 Extra Points!
15. Picture of a house with Christmas lights still up. (9 Points)
16. Return with a dill pickle. (5 Points)
17. What do Demi Moore, Natalie Portman and Britney Spears have in common – 2 things. (10 Points)
18. A tumbleweed – Yep, a tumbleweed. (10 Points)
19. Use the word “foam” and write a poem with the word included. If the Judges like your poem and if they feel it adds value to their life in any way, they will award you as many points as they like. Poem must be written in English. (? Points)
20. What is the only monosyllabic US state (5 Points)
21. Get a signed napkin of a Subway employee that states “Fat Jared and skinny Jared are different actors.” (8 Points)
22. A disposable toilet seat cover (UNUSED & CLEAN PLEASE!). (4 Points)
23. What was “Rosebud”? (8 Points)
24. Take a picture of the entire Team singing and signing “YMCA” in front of the YMCA. (10 Points)
25. An official and current library card issued outside of the state of Colorado. (8 Points)
26. Take a picture of your entire team with a pink bowling ball. (10 Points)
27. How large a drink is the “Yard” at the local famous English Pub in Colorado Springs? (8 Points)

A team at the iHop

Team Shortbus at the YMCA

Team Sisters G at the YMCA

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