Amazing – Electronic Photo Frame

Last Monday, I purchased a digital photo frame from Costco (Digital Spectrum 10.4″ Digital Frame MemoryVue MV-1040Plus, on sale at my local Costco for $170, less than the online price). I finally got around to setting it up Thursday night about 8 pm. I was so impressed – AMAZED! actually – with the brightness and image quality that I went back to Costco that night and bought a 2nd one for home.

This frame does NOT need to be connected to a computer to work, just needs to be plugged in to an electrical outlet and many different types of camera memory cards will work with it, including USB flash drives. I am using 4gb and 8gb USB flash drives in mine, after downloading thousands of images on to them. It plays the photos in a slide show when turned on. We’re using the Patriot 8GB Flash Drive, Model PSF8GUSB, from NewEgg.

Think about getting one of these digital photo frames for your self. WARNING – it is VERY distracting – I have to turn the one in my office off or I have a hard time getting anything done.
This would make a wonderful gift (Bob’s kids are going to give him one with an 8gb USB flash drive loaded with thousands of family photos – Shsssshhhhhh).

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