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  • Jim G married Sophie R (1938-1981), Dallas, TX
  • Mike G and Frances, Dallas, TX: Riley, Andrew
  • Rob G and Patty, Cortlandt Manor, NY: Ryan, Alex
  • Joe G and Krista, Houston, TX: Jeremy, Corey, Jenna
  • Pete G and Heather, Ann Arbor, MI: Kelsey, Nick, Matt, Sophie, Lou
  • Carrie G F and John F, Houston, TX: Patrick, Sarah, Michael
  • Sally G S and Darren S, Dallas, TX: Molly, Joseph, Aidan, Natalie, Carianne
  • Tom (TJ) G and Liliana, Houston, TX: Isabella


  • Terry R M and Emmett M, Denver, CO
  • Kevin M and Renee, Plano, TX: Jeff, Dan, Sarah
  • Jo M (1955-2015)
  • Maureen M, Plano, TX: Courtney
  • Kathleen M N and Doug N, Carrollton, TX: Hailey (Jeremy)
  • Bill M, Denver, CO
  • Kelly M (1967-2007)


  • Bob R (1928-2013), Pam M (1927-1971), and Jeanne N (FL)
  • Chug R and Debbie, Steubenville, OH: Yi Wah (Jonathan, Chan), Yiming Meghan, Caitlin
  • Chris R (1953-2001): Becky B and Steven B (Tavin, Macie, Kaylyn), Alisha R L and Jon L (Max), Patty R V (Asher), JC
  • Sophia R M S, Denver, CO: Louis M and Emily (Barrett, Charlize, and Lilliana), Nicole M (Ashby), Matt S and Andrea (Noland)
  • Mike R and Arlene, Golden, CO: Lindsey R H and Mark (Hadley Rose), Julia (Calina and Cecilia)
  • Robyn F, Denver, CO: Thomas and Mckenzie (Andrew, Eliza Grace), Mike and Ali, Annie
  • Mark R and Peggy, Lakewood, CO: Katie, Molly, Joseph, and Kelly
  • Melissa R M and Bob M, Lakewood, CO: Carrie, Madison, Gabe (1994-2020)


  • Annie (Mary Louise) R T married Bob T (1931-1986), Wichita, KS
  • Rob T and Julie, Overland Park, KS: Evan, Ryan, Robbie, Joe
  • Joanne T M and Larry M, Shell Knob, MO: Steve and Natasha, Katie, Carey, Martin, Sophia (1997-2005)
  • Katie T Y and Kirk Y, Overland Park, KS: Luke, Bobby, Peter, Maggie
  • Joe T and Cathleen, Wichita, KS: Kristen, Robert, Annie Gabrielle
  • Sally T McG and Tom McG, Wichita, KS: Lindsay, Tommy, Jack, Molly
  • Bogey T and Melissa, Wichita, KS: Charlie, Garrison


  • Mary Joanne (Jodie) R W (1926-2002) and Harry W (1922-2015)
  • Gabe W and Debbie, Atherton, CA: Jennifer, Harry IV, Natalie, Abby
  • Anne W E and Steve E, Atherton, CA: Steve, Sophia, Hilary, Bobbie
  • Pat W McD and Phil (1949-2017), Menlo Park, CA: Philip and Katherine (Fiona and Philip), Erin W F and James M (Elizabeth and Audrey)
  • Mary Jo W O and Steve, San Mateo, CA: Lauren
  • Robert W, San Francisco, CA
  • Sally W (1957-2011)
  • Sophia W-K and David K, Menlo Park, CA: Libby, Laura


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