JoJo’s July Jamboree 2015 – Update

After all the expenses for JJJJ 2015 were paid, we had $379.41 left over. A check in that amount was sent to Catholic Charities of Denver in memory of Jo Malone.

2015 Jo Malone Funeral Card

2015 Jo Malone Funeral Card

Links to more than 1000 photos from JJJJ 2015 were sent by email to family members in mid-September, 2015. If you did not get an email with the links and want the links, please contact Chug: chug -at-

Chug will also post a few of the photos from JJJJ 2015 here.

Thanks especially to Sally Smith, Carrie Frain, and Anne Whelan Englert for their help organizing and coordinating the JJJJ 2015. We also thank the many cousins who organized and coordinated and helped with activities during the reunion.

God Bless!

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