Photos – July 3, 2007

Bob Roberts sent these photos. If you have old photos you’re willing to share, especially past Christmas card photos or from previous family get togethers or JJJJs, please email digital images to Chug: chugach -at- You can mail print photos to him and he’ll scan and return them: Chug Roberts, TheCapitol.Net, PO Box 25706, Alexandria, VA 22313-5706.

Lt. Col. Bernard Morley was Pam Rs father (Chug’s grandfather)
November 6, 1942. From left to right: Richard Von Harke (VP of Manufacturing), Lt. Gen. William Knudsen, Lt. Col. Bernard Morley, Robert Gross (President of Lockheed). Lt. Gen. William Knudsen was inspecting Lockheed and Vega on one of his periodic inspections of the nation’s war industries. Morley was the AAF Resident Representative. (Later, as the AAF rep at Boeing in Seattle, Morley personally accepted many of the B-17 Super Fortresses built for the AAF by Boeing).

July 3, 1942, The Lockheed-Vega Star. Lt. Col. Bernard D. Morley, Lockheed Resident Representative, is pictured top left-center. He was a veteran pilot of WWI.

August 18, 1943. Lt. Col. Bernard Morley is the new AAF Representative at Boeing Seattle.
Lt. Col. Bernard D. Morley, AAF, died in the crash of a Douglass RA-24B (photo), serial number 42-54848, 5 miles southwest of Muroc AAF, CA (now Edwards Air Force Base), on May 21, 1944.
A-24, F-24 Dauntless – USAAF dive-bomber version of USN SBD, minus folding wings and carrier gear. The “A” designation was dropped ion 1950 and remaining A-24s were redesignated as F-24A/-24B fighter-bombers. … RA- indicated a Restricted category — not suitable for combat. (from Aerofiles)

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