Restored Photos of JoJo and Papa

These photos were sent by Annie Tinker. Chug had them restored, and had 5 extra print copies made, including one copy for Annie, and the restored images in high resolution on CD. The restorations were performed by Foxchase Photography in Alexandria, VA. Chug will send one print copy of the three photos to one representative of each family, so if you want one please confer with your siblings and decide who should get it and then let Chug know (Malones: I unliterary decided to send your copies to Jo.) These images are not copyrighted by the photographer or the restorer, so copies can be made for family members. Copies of these three photos can also be ordered directly from Fred Jafarzadeh at Foxchase.

Papa (Louis S. Roberts) (8 x 10 inches) (pre-restoration here – opens in new window)

JoJo and Papa’s wedding party, June 10, 1925 (11 x 14 inches) (pre-restoration here – opens in new window)

Mema, JoJo, and TJ McDonald with the “First electric car in Wichita.” (10 x 8 inches)
photo labeled: “First electric car in Wichita.” (pre-restoration here – opens in new window)
(emails from non-family members about what kind of car this is are ignored….)

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