William Patrick McDonald – JoJo’s grandfather

This is from Bob R:

William Patrick (WP) McDonald was born March 21, 1826, and died October 13, 1885. He died when TJ (JoJo’s father) and twin brother WP were juniors at St. Benedict’s College (now Benedictine College, web site), in Atchison, KS. TJ and WP graduated from St. Benedict’s in 1886.

William Patrick joined the United States Army in New York City, and was responsible for horses. Bob R Says that according to WP’s military record, he was a “supper”, i.e., someone who took care of the horses.

William Patrick married Mary Catherine Carr (JoJo’s paternal grandmother) in St. Louis Cathedral (St. Louis, MO) in August, ca 1863. Their first child was a girl, Mary. (Papa’s grandmother, the same generation as Mary Catherine Carr McDonald, was Mary Katherine Cameron Clements, grandma Clements.)

William Patrick McDonald was born in Ireland March 21, 1826. According to a newspaper story in the Wichita Evening Eagle, April 6, 1935, WP McDonald was a voracious reader. Bob R says that as a boy he heard many of the stories mentioned in that article, and, reading accounts of Army life in the 1840s, including about Kit Carson, many of the stories have a ring of truth to them.

If you have specific information (dates and locations of births, marriages, schooling, military service, etc.) about JoJo’s or Papa’s ancestors, please send it to Chug so that it can be shared with the family here. chugach -at- gmail.com

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