JJJJ 2007 Photos for Digital Photo Frames

Chug has received several emails asking about digital photo frames. Most digital photo frames do not need to be attached to a computer to work. Most of them allow you to plug in a USB flash drive (or other memory card) that can be loaded with as many images as the flash drive will hold. An 8 gb USB flash drive will hold approximately 4,500 pictures. You can add pictures (up to the drive’s size limit) or delete pictures from a flash drive.
If you want the photos from JJJJ 2007, including most of the older images displayed on this web site, to display on a digital photo frame, there are several ways to get the images:

  • The JJJJ 2007 DVD set includes 2 CD photo disks
  • Send Chug an 8 gb USB flash drive (or other memory card) – please include a self-addressed stamped envelope and he’ll put the photos on the drive and return it to you
  • Download the photos from the two Picasa albums (Chug sent email invites last week)
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