Photos – July 1, 2007

Bob Roberts sent these photos. If you have old photos you’re willing to share, especially past Christmas card photos or from previous family get togethers or JJJJs, please email digital images to Chug: chugach -at- You can mail print photos to him and he’ll scan and return them: Chug Roberts, TheCapitol.Net, PO Box 25706, Alexandria, VA 22313-5706.

February 13, 1993. Chris R in Dallas for Mike Goethals’ wedding

April 20, 1943. Lt. Col. Bernard Morley, AAF Resident Representative at Lockheed in Burbank, CA, awarding the Distinguished Service Cross and Order of the Purple Heart posthumously to Lt. Jack R. Perez’s family (see Home of Heroes).

Boeing News, Seattle Weekly Edition, October 6, 1943. Lt. Col. Bernard Morley (Pam R’s father) is far right in the picture. He was the resident representative for the Army Air Forces (AAF, the precursor to the US Air Force) at Boeing in Seattle at the time of this visit by Gen. Hap Arnold and Field Marshal Sir John Greer Dill. During Lt. Col. Morley’s time at Boeing, production of the B-17 Flying Fortress doubled.

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