Photos – July 19, 2007

Katie Tinker Young emailed these images to Chug. If you have old photos you’re willing to share, especially past Christmas card photos or from previous family get togethers or JJJJs, please email digital images to Chug: chugach -at- You can mail print photos to him and he’ll scan and return them: Chug Roberts, TheCapitol.Net, PO Box 25706, Alexandria, VA 22313-5706. Digital images in .jpg format preferred.

Robbie, Evan, Ryan, Rob, and Joe T, summer 2005
in front of one of the Pirates Tinker ships

MORE Pirates Tinker!
l to r: Robbie T, Katie Y, Evan T, Ryan T, Rob T, Joe T, Annie T, JoAnne M, Kristen T, Robert T, Carey M, Jack McG, Larry N
summer 2005

l to r: Maggie Y, Peter Y, Molly McG, Robbie T, Bobby Y, Jack McG, Tommy McG, Robert T, Joe T, Luke Y
Bogey and Melissa T’s wedding, September 2001

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